Allotment Updates

Cucumbers, Raspberries, Sweet Peas
I’ve not been down for a couple of weeks, what with Worldcon and being on holiday, so today was pretty much about tidying up – weeding, strimming the grass and so on. Harvested a load of raspberries (these are most of them, but I ate the rest), as well as cucumbers (those weird-looking yellow things) and sweet peas. The next wave of sweetcorn is coming, as is the fennel, and the young leeks are settling in ready for winter. I was amazed to note how tall a couple of the sunflowers had grown.

Whilst there today I realised just how much I had missed it – there’s something reassuring about the slow nature of the allotment – but now it’s all about waiting for autumn, my favourite season.



“Hout (Wood) tells the story of a retired woodcrafter living his remaining days in a snow coated forest, fulfilling his passion: constructing wooden animals.”


Sketches of Spain


The Messenger

Back from holiday (photos to come later this week, once I’ve caught up with chores). But a quick note to say that the Lucan Drakenfeld short story, “The Messenger”, is now up for sale on Amazon Kindle and other ebook shops. If you’ve never read the Drakenfeld books it’s a good chance to see what they’re about. If you have read the first one, then this adds a fraction more depth


Busy, Meat, Whisky

Worldcon whizzed by at the weekend, hence the lack of activity here. There’s far too much to talk about, so I’ll simply say it was a lot of fun, good to meet new faces and catch up with grizzled old ones. The only thing to add is that, on my whisky site, I’ve written about the Iain Banks memorial whisky tasting, which was excellent.

And, whilst I stayed over in London, I found some time to talk about meat. Lovely meat.


Nine Worlds

Nine Worlds
That’s me on the ‘Food in Fantasy’ panel, alongside Esther Saxey, Ed Cox, and the especially entertaining Gail Carriger. (Photo stolen shamelessly from the J for Jetpack Twitter account.)

This was the first time I’d attended Nine Worlds, which is now in its second year. I have to say it was one of the most positive, inclusive and relaxed genre conventions I’ve ever been to. In fact, I’d say it was easily the most well-organised, thoughtful and well-planned conventions. It was great to see a new generation of SFF geeks in attendance, too.

I could only make it for one day, but next year I’ll almost certainly try to make it there for two days.

Next stop, Fantasy in the Court on Tuesday night, and then Worldcon next weekend.