Russian Editions

Russian Editions
These arrived in the post just before the weekend. They’re Russian editions of City of Ruin – rated 18+ apparently! I’m afraid I have very little information about them. And, curiously, I don’t even have editions of Nights of Villjamur, which I assume they published first. Anyway. Nice to see my own name in Russian.


Whisky Reviews

Over at my whisky site, I have been talking about many things. I recently wrote an article on the influence and importance of sherry (and sherry casks) on whisky. I also wrote a piece on essential whisky books (going beyond mere guidebooks). I can assure you, trying to get a gender balance for these books was almost impossible, given about 99% of whisky writers are male – hopefully that’s something that will change over time as the drink continues to evolve its image.

As for reviews: I tried the Glenfarclas Family Casks 2003, which was very good. Tried the new Ardbeg Perpetuum, which was a disappointment. And I tried a whisky from Belgium, which was better than this organic whisky.


The Disney Recipe

Okay, so nothing about the creatives necessarily – but here’s their corporate strategy chart from 1957, as featured in the Harvard Business Review. The mandate was to “fix animation at Disney”, and their focus was on franchises and brands. I think we can safely say it worked. Wonder if the same would work in publishing? I guess everything has to be cross-media these days to really work.


Brief update

I have a new house, I am unpacked (mostly) and I now have an internet connection after many days struggling along without one. I am still writing though – lots of things, it seems – and normal service will resume shortly, though this may be a quiet month.