News Sniffer

News Sniffer is a fascinating little tool. Check out the site to monitor how online news sources, such as the BBC, alters their articles.

The News Sniffer project aims to monitor corporate news organisations to uncover bias.

Enough said really.

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  1. Reading the Have Your Say ‘censorship’ only confirms my worst fears about the cesspit of ignorance and bigotry that is HYS.

    As for the Revisionista function, great: but it needs coverage of the Mail and Express in order to give it a bit more left-right balance. Monitoring the Beeb, Guardian and Indie just makes me wonder if News Sniffer itself isn’t guilty of a teeny bit of bias.

  2. Could you imagine how much work it would be monitoring the bigotry in the Mail? Blimey… But yeah, that’s an interesting point.

  3. You may already be aware of this, but there’s a blog devoted to analysing the Sun’s stories here. They’re developing one for the Mail and the Express too.

    I’m trying to cut down on my depressing blog reading this year, but if you have more stomach for it than I do (and I struggle to read Private Eye all the way through without feeling utterly disillusioned about everything), take a look.

  4. Thanks for those links — I’ll take a good look. You can never have too many depressing blogs to read, surely…?

  5. Depends on whether you want to retain any sense of hope in your fellow man – and get any work done.