Comic Book Stars Hit By Recession

Well now I am sad. Things are getting tough even for comic book stars.

While Batman has yet to have to tighten his utility belt, his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, has disappeared in a recent story line, leaving the board of Wayne Enterprises struggling to keep the company afloat.
And he’s just one of several superheroes looking to get up, up and away from their financial problems.

“I don’t see how it doesn’t work into our storytelling if not only our readers are feeling it, but our creators are feeling it,” said Dan DiDio, executive editor at DC Comics.

The economic downturn has hit some of Marvel Comics’ characters hard: Tony Stark, the billionaire behind Iron Man, is on the run with all his assets frozen after being blamed by authorities for failing to stop an alien invasion.

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One comment

  1. LOL!

    Soon we’ll see J. Jonah Jameson announce to Peter Parker that he’s “being made redundent due to the current economic climate” punctuated by the words “CREDIT CRUNCH!” rather than “KAPOW!”