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About Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.


  1. Thirty odd bookstores or thirty-odd bookstores? 😉

    I went to Hay last year, and was utterly overwhelmed by the sheer number of shops. Definitely worth a return trip! Have you ever tried Sedburgh, the book town of England?

  2. Hyphen fixed! It’s late, and I’m shattered…

    Not been to Sedburgh, no. I think I’ll need to recover from Hay first.

  3. I love Hay, after I met my Mark he took me off for a weekend away there, it was wonderful. Want to go back.

  4. Hey, I was wondering whther “Nights of Villjamur” is available in Australia.



  5. Impressive! I hope I will once get the opportunity to go there.

    RobC , I’m a bit confused. I found Sedbergh. When you search for Sedburgh you are redirected to Sedbergh. Two names for one town?

  6. hagelrat – I bet after he took you to a book town, you knew it must be love.

    Pizza – I got your email and replied. I think my answer was something along the lines of “It should be, but check in a bookstore anyway”

    edifanob – there are enough books there to satiate the most ardent bibliophile.

  7. Edifanob: hoisted by my own petard! Yes, I did mean Sedbergh. Mark, it only has five or six shops, but as it’s just off the Kendal junction of the M6, it’s worth swinging by next time you’re up in the Lakes. There are some lovely hills nearby too.

  8. Mark – then I think I have to spend a lot of extra hours in order to have enough money to spend for books….
    RobC – no problem at all. So I got the opportunity to get some information about Sedbergh.