The Times Reviews “Nights of Villjamur”

Yeah, that book I wrote, lots of reviews, you thought I’d stopped talking about it by now, right? Wrong!

The Times reviews Nights of Villjamur:

Set in a far distant future where several different intelligent species co-exist and remnants of long-lost technologies provide the “magic powers” by which cult leaders impress the masses, this is epic fantasy strongly tinged with science fiction. At its best, I was reminded of Jack Vance or Gene Wolfe… this is a promising start to a series worth pursuing.

The book reminding anyone, let alone Lisa Tuttle in a national newspaper, of Vance and Wolfe is perhaps the Coolest Thing Ever.

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  1. Jack Vance? Gene Wolfe? Who’re they?


    Kidding aside, congratulations with the very flattering comparison,and the great review!

    Any chance we’ll be having a drink at Anticipation in Montréal?

  2. Jetse! Good to hear from you, and thanks. Unfortunately, I won’t be making out to Montréal this year… Next couple of conventions will be on British soil.

  3. yeah yeah, she’s not telling us anything we hadn’t figured out already. 😉
    It’s nice to see NoV get praised in such high profile congrats.