We Have A Title For Book Two

Yes, we have a title for book two of the Legends of the Red Sun series. I’m just not telling yet.

I will say that nearly all the action goes on in the city of Villiren. It’s a much darker place than Villjamur, seriously more violent. Yakuza-styled gangs pretty much run the show. Hybrid creatures shamble through the city’s underbelly. Citizens are shacked up in bland, oppressive buildings. The Night Guard are trying to organise the city’s defence and you have to wonder if such a cesspit is worth saving in the first place. The architecture isn’t great – think Los Angeles, where Villjamur was more like London.

Oh, and there’s a giant serial-killing spider…

More news soon.

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  1. Aaargh! Just for a moment I thought you were going to give the title. TEASE!

  2. Tease!

    “Shadows of Villiren”? Sounds like a “shady” place from your description.

  3. I’ve been called worse than that!

    Ah, now this is interesting. A guess the title competition! Wrong, by the way… πŸ™‚

  4. “Twilight of Villiren”, with “Twilight” in a huge font and “Villiren” in teeny tiny one ? πŸ˜‰

  5. Sorry, that was a bit below the belt πŸ™‚ Petty revenge for the Tease.

    Book titles are interesting though as many authors tend to keep a theme within their series eg “A song of Ice and Fire” (A X of/for X)or the “Kovacs” (two words) books all have similar titles. A possible avenue for you would be to stick to the “of villX” style.
    I’ll definitely be interested to hear the selection/thought process behind the title once you decide to tell us.

  6. It’s certainly going to be along the series fit, yeah; interestingly, the “Vil” part is rather too similar to Villjamur, so we tried to avoid that.

    The process was pretty much: author throws thirty-odd titles at the publisher. Publisher laughs at most of them, but one is actually all right. We go for that one.

  7. It sounds like a “fun” process. I guess you don’t want the title’s to sound too samey or people may not know which one to read first – althought do you want those kind of people reading your books?
    It’s probably a long ways off but hopefully you’ll be able to get the same cover artist again as another cityscape picture for the new city would be cool.

  8. A giant serial-killing spider…..
    That sounds more than interesting.
    My thoughts:


  9. You are not giving us much to go with here…

    Also, do you lucubrate or are you more of a daytime scribbler?

  10. You’re all wrong!

    I scribble whenever really – mostly early evening… When I’m mellow.

  11. Is it the same as what it was back in June? I kinda liked that title.

  12. Now that would be telling… πŸ™‚

  13. Yes, yes it would. But since I saw a title on that little thing…it’s either the same or it’s not. I haven’t told what title you had for it a couple of months ago, have I? πŸ˜‰

  14. Attack of the Giant Serial-Killing Spider?

  15. This is started to feel like a playground πŸ™‚

    I’d buy Brian’s suggestion on title alone.

  16. Brian: who told you? I have a leak somewhere, so to speak…

  17. Best get that leak fixed before you need to buy another laptop.

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