Sanzhi UFO Houses

From the Taipei Times:

“First of all, the site is definitely not haunted,” Lin said, in reference to oft-heard rumors that many people have seen ghosts near the complex or the high number of unexplained traffic accidents on the nearby road.

There were also rumors that more than 20,000 skeletons were discovered at the site when construction work began and that it was the scene of several murders.

Lin said that construction of the UFOs began in 1978.

“It is traditional in the construction business to pay your respects to any spirits at the site of a new project before you start work. It had nothing to do with the ghost stories,” Lin said.

Photo credit Noelas.

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  1. er…I’m probably missing something but I have no idea what to do with this post…I saw it yesterday when you tweeted it and…nope, still nothing. 🙂

  2. You do only what you feel you should with this post, Phillip! Or less cryptically, ponder at how quickly something urban and glorious can fall apart, and become a mythical presence in culture.