Goldsboro Books Signing – 19th June

Just a quick heads-up: I’ll be at the charming Goldsboro Books signing limited edition numbered copies of City of Ruin, from 2pm on Saturday 19th June. These are the only special editions there will be, so if you’re an ebay legend, then this is the time to get a copy. The Goldsboro store details are:

7 Cecil Court
London WC2N 4EZ
Tel/Fax: 020 7497 9230

It’s a small, informal gathering, at one of the nicest little bookshops in London, and I believe there will be free wine available, which is never bad. So why not pop along and say hello, have a more lengthy chat (the Forbidden Planet signing was a bit of a manic event) or give me abuse, whatever.

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  1. It seems hard to turn down the oppurtunity to throw abuse at someone when invited 🙂
    I should have finished “City of Ruin” by then so there may be some praise too. BTW no flying monkeys yet (making do with pterodettes and Garudas) and I like how you have snuck in some “thirsty” monsters with a twist.

  2. Having missed the Forbidden Planet event I’ll have to put this one in the diary.

    Out of interest, how does the limited edition differ from the standard hardback?

  3. That’s great news – Goldsboro are a fine bookstore with very good taste. You should be proud!

    @James: Generally Goldsboro pick out a book based on its future collectibility/potential. I believe it is generally identical to the standard 1st edition except for inserting an extra flyleaf page, for numbering & signature.

    If it is like Nights, it’ll be a run of 250. Actually, a few copies of Nights are left in stock – so PROPER fans could get matching numbers on both volumes.

    (Considers the statement above.)
    (Calls Goldsboro Books.)
    (Places order.)
    (Feels smug.)

  4. Jared: Thanks for the info. I have a ‘regular’ signed edition of Nights and was intending to replicate that for City. However, the opportunity to obtain a numbered set means I may have to re-think my purchasing strategy…

  5. Neil, the monkeys will come. Have faith!

    Jared – yeah, I love Goldsboro – such a charming little store.

    And James – yes, as Jared says, it’s exactly that. They do their own print run, with the special numbered edition, and they don’t charge extra for it either. It’s a proper haven for book collectors.

    The actual product page is here – I’ll amend the link above!

  6. James: I’m the same way. I gave in to the temptation, so I’ll now have signed/limited Nights & City sitting next to signed/normal Nights & City. I may have to rethink this strategy for book 3, but I suspect that, no matter what I swear to myself, I’ll wind up buying multiple copies.