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I’ve been blogging here for three years, it seems, and the traffic has been much higher over the past couple months than ever before, and staggeringly so compared to the first two years. So I thought I’d highlight some of the more popular pages – in no particular order – for any newcomers:

Why SF is dying, and fantasy fiction is the future – the infamous post which sparked off a wonderfully respectful flame war.

Some interesting things I never knew about being a writer – this post is surprisingly high on the hits ladder, with over 5,000 views.

Serious fantasy reviewing – talking about the obvious.

What makes a good book blogger, from a writer’s point of view? – again, pretty self explanatory.

Interview with my editor – where I chat to Julie Crisp, getting an opinion on publishing from behind the scenes.

The road to publication, a very early post where I offer some vague advice on how to limit a writer’s chances of rejection.

Some of my personal favourites:

Tie-in fiction doesn’t mean what you think it means – I’m a supporter of tie-in fiction, and have spoken extensively on the subject.

Book cover conversations are so very clichéd – in which I generally rant about people ranting about covers.

In other news, the Earth is flat – One of my more recent flurry of environmental posts. In future, I will probably not hold back from warring with folk who deny man-made climate change.

Authors and politics – where I muse on whether or not authors should talk about their politics (they should), and what readers think. The results were surprising.

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  1. Well done Mark. I managed about three and a half years and then had to jack it in. I don’t know where you find the time.

  2. Den – well, it seems to fit my mindset to be honest. I like lots of random topics, and few of the posts ever take more than 20 minutes. I hope I can keep it going for another few years at least.