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If you can’t scientifically disprove that the atmosphere contains CO2; that atmospheric CO2 raises global temperature; that pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere will increase this effect; and anthropogenic activities have led to increased CO2 emissions, then you’re in agreement with the vast majority of world’s scientists who believe we’re f*cking up the environment to the extent that we are causing – before our very eyes – catastrophes, which will only get worse.

You might be part of the tiny percentage of people who believe what petrochemical companies have paid for you to believe, mainly that it is nothing to worry about or part of some crazy world government conspiracy. (If it is, it isn’t a very good one.)

So for UK readers, I just wanted to mention the Big Climate Connection, which hopes, with the help of UK citizens, to pressure our governments into doing something about it.

The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition is calling for people across the UK to connect with others in their communities and lobby their MPs on climate change on 5th-6th November.

With supporters coming together in their communities from more than 100 organisations for the Big Climate Connection, we’ll show MPs that people from all walks of life – from environment to development groups, from unions to local community and health groups – are calling for action on climate change.

You can follow the debate, or even join it, here.

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  1. Good stuff.

    What I think depresses me the most about people rejecting AGW is (well, apart from the dishonesty, spurious appeals to authority, swivel-necked lunacy…) is that even if you don’t want to believe that human beings have any effect on the climate, surely removing pollutants from the environment is just a generally desirable thing anyway?

  2. Hi Richard,

    You would think that, wouldn’t you? I guess they rationalise it in terms of economic development (despite the fact that inaction will severely hamper development in future).

    I suspect the extreme events being experienced worldwide this year might – might – persuade a few deniers that they might wish to reconsider their thoughts. Perhaps that’s optimistic of me.

  3. I’ve been involved with The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition since it launched. Great organisation but needs more people to sign up.
    I cannot understand why so many influential people are taken in by the Big Oil denial propaganda… the effects of climate change are clear to see – more frequent extreme weather events, melting glaciers, desertification increase etc etc. The evidence is clear yet no politicians want to take action, and industry has a vested interest in continuing the denial. Shameful.