Updates and Holiday

I’m on holiday for a week, in the middle of nowhere, Scotland. In a small cottage, with my girlfriend, a log fire, and some books. This means I am away from the Internets – but you’re all big and strong now, and I know you can cope without me.

Anyway, I’m at the end of the first draft of Book Three, and hope to have something decent for my editor by October. I tend to get as much as I can written in one go before sweeping through the whole book for massive blunders (though I do sweep through at a the quarter- and half-way points). I’m pretty happy with it – it’s not as (new) weird as City of Ruin, and again, I’ve wanted to change direction a little. I’m also writing a trans-woman as a lead character, which, I can tell you, is not easy.

Oh, and here I talk a little about comics.

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  1. I swear to God, I had nothing to do with it!

  2. Leaving us unsupervised for a whole week? You sure we won’t wreck the place? ;p Sounds like a blissful break, enjoy.