Review Goodness & Title Spillage

Because it’s been a while. First up, SFRevu on Nights of Villjamur:

Reading Nights of Villjamur is like standing too close to a tapestry. At first, all you can see are threads, bits of story that you know are important, but you can’t make sense of in the overall context of the book. The more you read, the farther you step back from the tapestry, so that this thread connects with that one, and you begin to realize just how all of these wildly different characters are linked within the greater story.

Steve’s Fantasy Book Reviews on City of Ruin:

Although the story is brutal, violent and bloody at times it also explores a number of real world issues such as discrimination, sexuality, corruption and politics, and it touches on religion. None of it is overt and forced, and characters do not suddenly break the fourth wall to stop and point out the issues. With the city on the brink of destruction, both from the ice and the invaders, the story is also about how different people react in their final days. For those who want to lose themselves and forget the world exists beyond their pleasure, places exist where they can indulge in as many fantasies as their coin allows. Others find they can’t stand idly by and when faced with oblivion they spit in the eye of fate and brace themselves for a fight. All of the events and characters give the city of Villiren a very unique feel and Newton has done a great job of making it very distinct and different to Villjamur.

And finally, Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews on City of Ruin:

“City of Ruin” proves that Mark Charan Newton is growing fast as a writer, his prose, story and philosophical approach making his work more robust. I am certain that in this cadence Mark Charan Newton’s series can turn to be one of the landmarks of modern fantasy.

How splendid.

Oh, and some canny observer has spotted the title for book three out in the wild. Can’t keep anything a secret these days!

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  1. Holy smokes, an SFRevu review that is more than just a spoiler-filled plot synopsis! I never thought I’d see the day.

  2. Aww, and there was me thinking it was going to be called “Fluffy the Pony”. However, I am looking forward to seeing what Optimus Prime gets up to in Villjamur 😉

  3. Aidan – I couldn’t possible comment.

    Adrian – TransforMATIONS! Even Julie made that joke. 🙂

  4. Yes, but what *does* the book transform into?


  5. And more importantly, can we expect to see some sexy *trans* bots on the cover?

    We want to know.


  6. Which book. The book within the book? Or the book. In both cases, not telling.

    The cover will feature the lead character of the young transgender lady, to my knowledge… I should hopefully see drafts of it soon.

  7. Yes, The Book of Transformations will be available in July next year.
    The cover rough is just being created and, I have to say, that Fluffy and the Gnome are looking particularly good together on this one.
    Oh and the Book changes into a duck. A rabid duck mind. With fangs.
    Sorry Mark, you don’t mind me giving that spoiler out, do you? 🙂

  8. I can’t believed you ruined the ending. Vampire ducks are totally original and never been done before, so I was hoping for a big reveal.