Slightly Updated Cover

As you can see, even though it’s subtle, I think it’s a big improvement on the old cover for City of Ruin, which I’ve posted below so you can see the difference.

It was made darker once the designer had the final high res artwork, and also Brynd is more integrated into the image. There will be silver foiling on the title. I’m much happier with this – even though I liked the original. The images now enlarge so all you art geeks can really see the detail.

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  1. Okay, will never be fan of faces on covers (have I mentioned that?) but I do think this looks a lot better.

    This matches your other paperback cover now, does it not, in colour tones?

  2. The darker purple is a vast improvement, but Brynd looks even less like an albino now. :'(

  3. It’s an improvement, but that guy’s face is still embedded firmly in the uncanny valley. And I’m not sure I can reread the books now without thinking of Brynd as Boris 🙁

  4. Burt – yes, that’s the direction all the covers will head now. Figure on the front, each one different of course, but with the same general feel.

    Neverwhere – I don’t know… Don’t forget he’s got lowlights here. 🙂

    Adam – I shall see if I can have him run for mayor in future books.

  5. I’ve biten my tongue until now but it really grates for me that they’ve given an albino character black hair dyed blonde. Argh!

  6. This is where Elric went wrong: not including lowlights in his repertoire.