Service Interruptions

Something weird happened between the blog host and WordPress a couple of days ago, which meant I couldn’t post anything (Wednesday’s was done via my iPhone). So, now that’s over…

Have a review of City of Ruin at Pornokitsch:

As Mr Newton says himself, “if anyone was going to read just one book of mine, I’d like it to be this one”. As much as I liked The Reef, I wholeheartedly agree. City of Ruin combines Mr Newton’s fertile imagination with a confident, triumphant narrative style. It is an excellent work of contemporary fantasy that rightfully elevates him from a newly-discovered talent to a mature and successful one.

And have one of Nights of Villjamur at Kamvision:

This is fantasy alive with the complexity of human nature, even when portrayed by non-humans. It is a uniquely relevant opening to a fantasy series which shows great potential. One that I think represents a considerable advance in demonstrating the ability of fantasy to speak eloquently of our everyday reality.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    I myself will be writing a review of City of Ruin soon so I will keep you updated on that. Really good book I must say.


  2. P.S.

    I never noticed any problems with the service the other day so I don’t know if I was luck or not