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For the stats curious, here are some of the top posts and search terms for 2010.


1. Getting Women
2. Genre Diversity
3. Show Don’t Tell, And Other Myths
4. Travels & Embargoes
5. Cover Art For The Book of Transformations – You Decide
6. Sexual Healing
7. City of Ruin: UK Paperback Cover Art
8. The Fiction Of Neal Asher’s Science
9. New Cover: The Book of Transformations
10. Fantasy Names

Search terms:

1. mark charan newton (top search by a long way)
2. fantasy names
3. mark c newton
4. mark newton
5. nights of villjamur
6. mark charon newton
7. kowloon walled city
8. prypiat
9. mark charan newton blog
10. show don’t tell

A little duller, this one, but for those of you who like to analyse these things at an industry level, note how the book doesn’t feature that highly for the searches – it’s more about the author as an entity/brand/whatever. It just goes to show that authors should really have some internet presence, since people are indeed very interested in them. I’m sure publishing types can use this as a stick to beat reluctant authors.

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About Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.


  1. What I don’t understand is how “Shakin Stevens Lookalike Available Kids Parties” didn’t make the top ten.

  2. I run that as a separate website; it keeps things easier that way. Then I’m not signing books “Love, Shakin’ ” and so on.

  3. “Mark Charon Newton” is pretty cool. When do you set up the alter-ego Twitter feed as the New Weird Novelist of Hades?

  4. I wonder if I’d be more commercial if I just had “Charon” on the front of my books? Worth a try…