Library Closures Map

The Guardian recently posted this map to show where libraries are vanishing or suffering up and down the UK (click to see the map in detail).

This is what happens when right-wing nutjobs in government decide that people need to go without services (read: make anyone who isn’t a millionaire suffer) in order to pay a debt which isn’t as bad as they tell us. Whether or not the side-effect of allowing people who can’t afford books to be able to read is a good thing, you decide. I guess if the future generations of poorer people aren’t able to read ballot papers, then at least the Tories will probably consider it Job Done.

Sobering, no?

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  1. I’m over here in the states, but I can sympathize. I live in a rural county with a single library that’s definitely struggling.

  2. I guess the arts is one of the first things to suffer whenever an economy suffers…

  3. Now you know what armageddon looks like.

  4. Thank you for posting this. The amount of cuts cannot be highlighted enough. Libraries have always been as an easy target and some of the cuts proposed amount to more than 50% of libraries (Doncaster is proposing 14 out of 26, many of which are in areas with high unemployment and low literacy levels). The next important date for everyone is 5th Feb when there will be a national ‘Read in’ at many of the libraries under threat. Alan Gibbons (children’s author) blog http://alangibbons.net/ is a good place to stop by for any up to date information of current campaigns and Lauren Smith http://laurensmith.wordpress.com/ is working with Voices for Libraries and integral to the campaign in Doncaster.

  5. The map is taken started from my blog http://publiclibrariesnews.blogspot.com/ where you will also see the ongoing number of threatened libraries (395 as of 1am this morning)
    For reasons to defend libraries, please see http://www.voicesforthelibrary.org.uk/wordpress/