New Growth

It’s been a while since I’ve made a gardening post, but that’s because, well, it’s been winter. And not much happens in winter, but things are starting to happen now, so prepare yourself for a summer of nonsense from me.

I’ve made a more extended post about this on… yes, another new blog. This is a two-man effort (which should spread the effort) with Darren T, one of the web gurus at Little, Brown Book Group. It’s basically for folk interested in Grow Your Own food and can be found here. If you’re green-fingered then why not stop by?

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  1. Yes ! a bit of life and colors.
    Though, speaking of life, I’m in a moral quandary because of the ***** slugs. Just want to exterminate them.

  2. Ah yes, the slugs… I guess there’s no way to humanely handle it. I have heard that the really harsh and prolonged winter we just had will mean very few slugs this year. You may be in luck!

  3. Your rhubarb looks very good, particularly compared to mine.

    As for slugs, I use beer. The cheapest stuff at Aldi/Lidl. The slugs still die, but at least they get royally drunk first.

  4. Oof, I’m so jealous. There’s a lot to be said for living in a tiny third-floor flat in central London… but there’s not much space for gardening, and my window-boxes don’t really scratch the itch.

  5. Cora – I tried beer, but it never seemed to work. But I do occasionally use organic slug pellets, which act as fertiliser.

    Anne – you could get an allotment!