Freshly Minted Books!

Always a lovely time of year – the arrival of freshly printed tomes. They are terrific, too – click the photo to get a better look at them. City of Ruin is especially striking; the purple is very attractive, and the image is clear. (A Miéville quote on the cover ain’t bad either.)

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  1. Can’t wait to read the one on the left! One on the right was excellent. While I must admit to preferring the hardcover artwork, the purple of the paperback is indeed striking (I imagine more so in person), and should definitely stand out on book shelves.

  2. Hurrah. Shiny new books!
    They look really great – congrats.

  3. Nice pile of books you’ve got there (looking forward to reading ‘The Book of Transformations’…) I’ve got to ask though, what do you do with them all? 🙂

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    Graeme – well, the hardcovers get hoovered up by those family members who insist on a copy…! It’s the paperbacks that end up being piled high in my bedroom. Not quite sure what I’ll do with those – I’ve still got about 15 Nights of Villjamurs up there…

  5. Let’s make a 15 copy limited edition, each one named after a different whiskey.

    The new HB looks gooooooorgeous. Nice cover.

  6. The ‘Whisky Collection’? Each one could come with a different dram, perhaps. That would be sweet – I just wouldn’t want to part with them. Well, the whisky – the books can go.

    It’s a lot better close up, but I do miss the figures believe it or not. Hopefully for the paperback.

  7. Can’t wait for these, Mark.

  8. Is it just the picture, or is the new HB cover more matte than the earlier ones?

    Either way, it looks great and I’m looking forward to owning it!

  9. Yes, it certainly is – I think it brings out the cityscape much more than gloss; and it’s also in line with the paperbacks, which are also matte.

  10. ‘The Book of Transformations” cityscape is fantastic! I’m looking forward to reading both it and ‘City of Ruin’.

    (On a side note, I finally got my much-belated review of Nights of Villjamur up:
    http://drying-ink.blogspot.com/2011/05/review-nights-of-villjamur-mark-charan.html )

  11. They both look shiny! It must feel amazing to finally get the finished product in your hand. Revised cover of Book of Transformations looks great.

  12. Jacob – thanks for the honest review there! Hope you enjoy City of Ruin.

    Stephen – yeah, it’s always hugely satisfying. Not quite as special as the very first one, but still gives you wonderful closure on the work!

  13. Didn’t realise it’s less than 3 weeks until the release. Time flies!
    I take it you’ll notify us if you are doing any signings again?

  14. So you have City of Ruin and I have to wait until June! Nevermind – I plan to read it in Scotland with one of your favoured malts for company!
    Transformations looks good – I think you made the right choise for the hardcover though.

  15. So you have City of ruin and we must wait until June!
    Never mind I plan to read it in Scotland with one of your featured Malts for company!
    Transformations looks good – I think you made the right decision for the hardback cover.

  16. Hey Andrew – it’s only two weeks! Yeah, I’m happy with the hardcover – though the City of Ruin paperback cover, now it’s finished, has a great feel about it.

    Which whisky will you be drinking? Are you visiting any distilleries while you’re up there?

  17. Hi Mark –
    Sorry for late response but my hard drive died etc etc with much grief and groaning!
    I shall try to get one of the Bruichladdich’s if I can – as to visiting distilleries – could be tricky – we will be here NM280423 if you put it into the OS’s Get a Map you will get the idea!

  18. Wow, that’s quite a remote island! What takes you there? The nearest distillery is probably in Oban – though getting there might be an issue…

  19. Counting the sea birds and maybe ringing a few weather permitting! I’ve been doing it (with others!) since 2000. Makes a great change – and no phones to worry about. Very privileged to do it.

  20. Sounds like a cracking experience – hope it all goes well.