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It appears that when I moved hosts there was a subtle change of RSS feeds. The subscription you need is now feed://markcnewton.com/feed/ – previously there was “blog.markcnewton” in the URL for the feed, which was what the blog was originally built on, but now that’s gone completely.

So essentially a lot of people (I have no idea how many feed subscribers there were) have been missing out on a few weeks of posts. I’m looking to see if there’s any possible way of sending an update through the old feed – those of you who are missing out will still probably have no idea there’s an issue. So this blog post is probably pointless. If you know anyone who might have the old URL, then please do pass this on.

While we’re on technical things, you might have noticed I’ve added Facebook comments in – feel free to use either comments section – as well as started covering Tweets. I’m not sure if I’ll keep the Twitter bit, so it might disappear sooner rather than later. I’m tempted to get a whole new comments system put in, to be honest, but that probably needs someone who knows what they’re doing instead of me smashing bits up from the inside.

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