Arbor Low & Nine Ladies Stone Circles

Arbor Low, a Neolithic henge in the Peak District, is made up of 50 limestone slabs around a central stone.

Below is Nine Ladies Stone Circle, a small Bronze Age construction; though it’s technically ten ladies, since a flat, fallen stone has since been unearthed. The myth here is that these were the nine ladies who were turned to stone as punishment for dancing on a Sunday. Perhaps the tenth had a little too much to drink that day. There were a lot of offerings nearby, which add a wonderful flavour to the scene, and I’m guessing this is a pretty active Pagan site.

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  1. Excellent shots there, mate. Did you use any pre or post filtering on those at all?

  2. Cheers. Yeah, I played with iPhoto a little bit, before moving them across to Photo Effect Studio Lite on the Mac. To be honest, all this actually did was bring things closer to as I saw them at the time, since the snaps didn’t quite hit the spot as they were.