Morello Cherries

Two gardening posts in two days? You lucky things…

Here we have Morello Cherries, plucked from a tree in Oxfordshire (belonging to my girlfriend’s father), poured into four big pasta bowls. Is there anything nicer than picking fruit in the English countryside when the weather is scorching hot? (Yes, the addition of the knowledge that the fruit you’re picking is completely free.) The plan for half of these is to go towards making Cherry Wine, and the other half, who knows.

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  1. If your imagination fails you for the other half, you can always soak them in brandy and sugar. They’ll keep until you’re ready to place them on top of home-made ice cream, or just pop into your mouth for a boozy treat.


  2. I’m pretty sure my girlfriend actually did that yesterday evening. At least, I hope that’s what the brandy was for…

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