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There’s an interview with me over at Fantasy Faction, in which I rant about all sorts of genre and writing-related things, from the New Weird to writing about minorities:

Let’s put it this way: a mid-40s, straight white male with an average job and income, who does normal things, is not particularly interesting to write about.

Writing is about challenging yourself, about exploring people and places that fascinate you. Otherwise it’s just so dull. Another chosen-one fisher boy becomes king? Boring.

So I choose people who are going to be interesting to write about: it just so happens that minorities lead fascinating and often challenging lives.

Thanks to Leo for the great questions. It’s particularly nice writing answers as I come to the end of the series, since it gives me a nice opportunity to look back with a little more clarity, and then start drawing the line under it.

Also, that Locus review from a week or so ago has now made it online, so you can read that here.

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  1. Oh thank god – I’m not the only one against the ‘Show Don’t Tell’ zealots…