On With The Show…

We’ve had a spruce-up, as you can see (or if you’re reading via the RSS feed, get your lazy arses here to have a look). Though a few elements may still change over the next few days, any flaws ironed out, and fix any bugs, we thought we’d get things started again, since this design is streets ahead of the last one.

I owe a big thanks (and a few beers) to Darren Turpin, with whom I co-write a grow-your-own blog, and who can otherwise be found at blogging at Folk & Ale; this man knows all the technical jiggery-pokery to do with websites and whatnot, while I just break them from within.

So relax, kick back (don’t put that drink there, use a coaster), and the show will continue shortly.

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About Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.


  1. still no way to subscribe to comments?

  2. Not sure. I’m sure that’s something we can fix up!

  3. You’re missing something. A header image of some kind (long rather than tall). Could you possibly use part of the cover from one or your books? Or is there a legal problem with that?

    The new design is quite sleek, though!

  4. I’m not really a fan of using images from books for blog designs – purely because it’s only really appropriate ton one country, and even then can go out of date within a year. You see quite a few authors now who still seem reasonably new but whose blog is already hamstrung by a design that doesn’t feel appropriate any more!

    Where it says my name, I’m going to have a decent logo-image there, so that might fill that gap for a header of sorts.

  5. PS – Neth, should now have comments RSS…