A couple of points on mass media

I like the way this chap neatly destroys the journalist from Fox News, but he also highlights many important points about news corporations, democracy and influencing public opinion, something which more and more people are beginning to understand. (Noam Chomsky wrote very eloquently about this in Manufacturing Consent, a short book, but worth it.)

Secondly, the Daily Mail accidentally went live with this article last night just as Amanda Knox was cleared of the murder of Meredith Kercher. This neatly highlights the tendency for news corporations to simply make shit up. (We all knew it, but it seems they really shot themselves in the foot this time.)

You can read the entire made-up article archived here.

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  1. I guess the whole 24hr news thing doesn’t help – papers wanted to be *first* with the result. Not that this excuses the Mail, obviously (nothing excuses the Mail, for anything) but I’m sure all the other papers had both pages ready to go, full of ‘facts’. 

  2. The best thing about the Mail was they actually decided how she’d react, what people might say and how they’d look.

    Absolutely hilarious.

  3. I don’t know – some of them, like the Guardian and the Telegraph, tend to live blog now, so they can give rambling coverage, hit with the news, and release an article a little while later. The rolling blog is actually something I prefer, as it tends to give that ‘reporter live at the event’ feel. 

  4. Exactly. Caught out big time.