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Lots being read at the moment, but little time to actually give a meaty review of anything on the blog. Counter Power is being read for a review at the Ecologist, and is a splendid book. The Goldsworthy biography of Caesar is immense and as in-depth as you could possibly require, right down to tactics used in particular battles. Reading Persian Fire at the moment – it’s as wonderful as Rubicon. Flicking through the others and hope to get to the David Goodis novels within the next couple of weeks.

As you can see, lots of classical history and crime being consumed at the moment – all research (and enjoyment) for a future writing project (knee-deep in edits of Red Sun book 4 at the moment).

Little time for reading for just pleasure, such is the way of things…

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  1.      I’ve read the first few chapters of “Persian Fire” in my local library. I find Holland’s writing style informative, yet also extremely fun to read. You come away without the feeling of being bogged down by historical facts, but neither do you feel like you’ve read a non-fiction piece that swaggers towards historical fiction. Rather you get that enlightening school-kid sense of having learnt something new. It’s definitely something I need to finish, and then I’m picking up “Rubicon”!

  2. Hi Lars – yes, I agree, that’s a very good way of putting it. 

    I’ve also got Millennium on the shelves, too, which I might get around to in January.