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  1. Yeah, *that* is a library!

  2. Hey, my hometown on your blog! Nice 🙂

    Yeah, the new library is great, unfortunately this can only be said about the interior. While it looks pretty impressive when it is all lit up at night, during the day it looks more like a prison. Many people even call(ed) it “Stammheim 2”, after the local hight security prison in Stammheim.

    And it also started quite an interesting discussion if you should really spend 80 million EUR for a library builiding, now that eBooks & Co are on the rise. I say “Yes”, but I can see their point….

  3. Hey Sebi – thanks for sharing that. I’ve not actually seen any of the external shots – I’ll have to look on Google. Have you been inside?

    I’d say that’s 80 million well spent…

  4. Here is a shot of the outside at night:
    I found no pictures of the exterior which were up to date.

    It is still in the middle of a construction site, which probably adds to the grey character.

    I am actually planning to go there tomorrow.

  5. Thanks. Yeah, it’s not the most remarkable exterior in the world – looks like a hotel almost. 

    Still, once you’re inside, you’ll never notice! 

  6. Wow, that looks amazing.

  7. Wow, that looks amazing.

  8. It feels a bit unreal and cold but… I want to be there! – even though I don’t read German 🙂

  9. Yes, I don’t think I’d be concerned I couldn’t read anything there either!