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About Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.


  1. Heh. My mind always goes to Schoohouse Rock and their silly cartoons and songs. 

    “Conjunction Junction, what’s your function…?”

  2. I’m not even sure I’ve heard of those. Were they an American cartoon? 

  3. Sorry, Mark, I keep forgetting that American culture is not ubiquitous. 🙂

    Schoolhouse Rock was a series of short cartoons set to music back in the 70’s here.  They broadcast them between longer cartoons on Saturdays.

    Educational cartoons done right, with catchy songs. Topics ranged from American history to grammar.! 

  4. Ah, now I understand! Thanks for enlightening me. Of course, you really should have done it in song…

  5. “Schoolhouse Rocky, a chip off the block. It’s the greatest Schoolhouse, Schoolhouse Rock!”

    (that was the intro bit before it would launch into the episode du jour…)