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  1. Lovely animation, but any idea as to the quality of the books? Some
    recent Penguin purchases have had lovely covers but very poor-quality

  2. I’m afraid I don’t actually know about the paper quality! That seems odd that they’d cut corners there. 

  3. It’s an odd one. We seem to get the better cover designs, but UK publishers seem allergic to acid-free paper and binding that allows you to read a paperback without cracking the spine.

  4. I too am interested to know the quality of the paper. I’m in the US so i can’t see a copy in a store, but there are a number of titles I would order if the paper quality was good. It’s hard even in the US to find well made books, especially trade paperbacks, with paper that won’t yellow and deteriorate over time. I can’t seem to find any info as to the paper quality in these English Library editions.