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“I am Lucan Drakenfeld, second son of Calludian, Officer of the Sun Chamber and peace keeper. Although sometimes it seems I am the only person who wishes to keep it …”

The monarchies of the Royal Vispasian Union have been bound together for two hundred years with treaties and laws maintained and enforced by the powerful Sun Chamber. As a result, a long harmony has existed, nations have flourished, and civil wars are a thing of the past. But corruption, deprivation and murder will always find a way to thrive…

Upon receiving news of his father’s death and recalled to his home city of Tryum, Drakenfeld is soon embroiled in a mystifying case. King Licintius’ sister, Lacanta, has been found brutally murdered during a night of festivities – her beaten and bloody body discovered in a locked temple. Despite hundreds of revellers, no one saw anything. With rumours of dark spirits and political assassination, Drakenfeld soon has his work cut out for him trying to separate superstition from certainty.

With his assistant, Leana, he embarks on the biggest and most complex investigation of his career, revisiting the ancient streets of his past, tracking down leads, interviewing suspects and making new enemies in his search for the truth.

His determination to find the killer soon makes him a target, as the underworld of Tryum focuses on this new threat to their power…

Random Notes:

Publication date: October, 2013

Flavours: fantasy, locked-room mystery, crime, historical, nostalgia.

Aesthetics: Ancient Rome, Byzantium.

Male to female death ratio: pretty much in harmony. Despite the first body being female.

Ethnicities: a real-world comparison being people from the Mediterranean through to Asia. Drakenfeld in my eyes is very much of Persian origin.

Magic: viewed as per the ancient world. Sort of.

Sexuality: ditto.

Ghosts: real, probably.

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Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.


  1. Sounds fantastic! Color me intrigued!

  2. Hooray!
    I love the Roman Empire/Byzantium, and I love locked room mysteries, so this is right up my street!

  3. Yeah, you know I want to read this one, Mark.

  4. No excuse for you not to like it… Apart from the story and the writing. But I’m being positive.

  5. Do you like the ancient world then? 🙂

  6. Ha! I organized my books on Ancient Rome recently and realized that I have a book problem…

  7. When can we see the front cover ? Pretty please..

  8. I’ve not seen anything myself yet! I think it’ll be a couple of months before the final version is ready…