Submit a Novel to Tor UK

My overlords at Tor UK have just announced that they have an open submissions policy. If you’re a budding novelist, who finds it frustrating to get access to an agent let alone a publisher, it’s now time to start preparing that manuscript to send in. There are a few guidelines to follow, which is generally to make life easier for the editors given the amount of work about to come their way. They include: you must use Comic Sans, size 16 or above, and any maps must be drawn using Microsoft Paint. Julie, my editor, especially likes SF poetry submissions.

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Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.


  1. My poetry is only 94,998 words long, and it says the minimum submission is 95,000 words. Should I add two more words, even if it ruins my meticulously composed meter? Or just increase the font size?

  2. Have you added your full name to the submission? That might take you over.

  3. Thank you Mark! Now with all that reading of SF poetry you’re encouraging my way how will I ever find the time to ensure the cover for your new book is just so?! ;-p

  4. Maybe the poetry will enhance your design meetings! You could stand in the corner reciting verse until the right cover comes along.