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I’ve not bored you all with allotment stuff for a while, but things are progressing nicely. It’s mainly weeding and harvesting at the moment – we’re almost at the end of the courgettes and onions, but the runner beans are still going, and the first wave of carrots are just waiting to be eaten. We’ve still got some potatoes waiting in the ground as well. The big patch near the greenhouse has been planted with overwintering seeds. I’ve also ordered some more onion sets for us to plant soon. I’ve got plans to make a more formal raspberry system as well, with posts and wires. Now we’ve got a good foundation, next year things can start to look a bit more professional…

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  1. I am seriously impressed by your carrots! We’ve grown them in planters for a few years, but have only had smallish ones. Admittedly my partner considers planting carrots as covering the container liberously with seeds, then waiting for them to grow till picking time – still need to work on the thinning part.

  2. I think the deeper the container, the bigger your carrots will be. I’m pretty sure they like a lot of room downwards.

    Yeah, thinning out can be a bit of a chore!

  3. Well, this might not be professional but it looks appetizing!

  4. Thanks – it’s all very tasty so far!