Things Not To Say

Michael Kozlowski at ‘Good E Reader’ says plenty of ridiculous things based around the theme that he thinks female authors depend too much on their husbands, to enable them to have a writing career.

There is no denying that the vast majority of self-published bestsellers on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords are by women. Romance and Erotica have been some of the top selling worldwide titles over the last five years. According to Author Earnings 59% of all Romance books are published by women, is there a reason for this? They simply are in better positions to be able to write and not worry about having to work a job. It is no small wonder that Sylvia Day and Stephenie Meyer managed to make a tremendously successful career from writing.

I can’t be sure if he started from a position of meaning well, or was trolling for hits, but it spirals into deep sexism. Forgetting simple gender binary for now, that he’s ignorant of the number of women who propped up their husband’s writing career by working hard as well as keeping the household in order is ridiculous. It’s classic blindness. And quite rightly, a huge number of these husbands, who have been allowed to write because of their wives, jump in on the comments to tell Kozlowski some truths. It’s worth reading some of the replies.

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