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Star Wars Concept Art

Star wars

Some amazing original concept art by Ralph McQuarrie, the conceptual designer and illustrator behind Star Wars, has been posted on Buzzfeed. It’s really worth a look – as much to see the role that art like this has played in how the films turned out, as it is to see a fantastic retro SF gallery.


Notes from Bruges

Bruges skyline
Flemish painting

Been quiet around here as I’ve been on holiday. Aside from watching the NFL at Wembley, I visited Bruges. A beautiful city, which seemed to have escaped the worst of WW2 and consequently it’s ancient streets and buildings remain intact. Plenty of beer, chocolate, art and history to keep anyone happy. I imagine if you wanted to be a full-time writer of history or fantasy, then this place has enough inspiration to keep you going.


Forgotten French Ghost Signs

Faded french sign
There’s a Tumblr and Instagram account called Pixdar photographies, which is dedicated to forgotten french signs, faded shop fronts and old-fashioned typography. It’s rather nice to see this stuff still around. In the UK it tends to be more northern towns where you see a few of the ghost signs, where hasty development hasn’t erased them entirely.


Notes from the Lakes

Coniston Water

Stone circle


Three days of escaping to the Lake District, before (finally) a house move at the weekend. Hence the lack of posts (and potentially a further lack next week, when I’m without an internet connection). We stayed at an old rectory, near the west coast. Darted inland to various lakes – Coniston, Windermere, and Bassenthwaite. Even managed to visit a whisky distillery, which was brilliant. Much-needed rest before a hectic few days ahead. Life is good, but very busy.