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Othello by William Mulready


Description from Wikipedia: “Mulready spent most of his career in London painting genre subjects. Many of his major works are now on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Here, he has portrayed the BLACK actor Ira Aldridge (1805 (?)-1867), who won renown in Europe for his Shakespearean roles, including Othello, Lear, and Macbeth. This half-length portrait shows Aldrige in battle armor, with a flag at his right, in front of a stone archway.


Chupan Chupai

“In a near future heavily influenced by the imminent boom of the Indian subcontinent, an emerging technology and economic superpower a new digital city has developed. The film follows a group of young children as they play a game of hide and seek (Chupan Chupai) in the bustling streets of this smart city. Through their play the children discover how to hack the city, opening up a cavernous network of hidden and forgotten spaces, behind the scenes of everyday streets.”


The Moorish Chief (1878)

Eduard Charlemont
By Eduard Charlemont.

“Standing in front of an arch that closely resembles the architecture of the Alhambra in Spain, the Moorish chief exudes power and mystery. This painting was probably shown at the Paris Salon exhibition of 1878 with the title Le Gardien du serail (The Harem Guard).”

(Via Medieval POC.)


Geological Maps

I am a huge admirer of geological maps, and recently came across this resource, which features old maps of many UK counties (scroll down to the bottom). I love how the landscape is freed from most surface details and reduced to bold colours and unusual lines. Of course, these colours, these geological structures, then inform much of life on surface (e.g. coal fields and mining towns, various rock types used in building etc). Ultimately I just like this oblique way of looking at the local environment.