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Review in the Independent on Sunday

There was a big round-up of SF and Fantasy titles this weekend in the Independent on Sunday, and Drakenfeld was among them:

Drakenfeld is a flawed yet appealing hero and Newton has wrought a fast-paced fantasy thriller which should appeal to readers of C J Sansom.

Which is cover-quote gold if you ask me. Read the rest of the genre review section.


Italian Rights Deal

Hot off the press:

Jon Mitchell, Senior Rights Manager at Macmillan, has sold Italian rights to DRAKENFELD, the opening novel in a new fantasy crime/thriller series by Mark Charan Newton, to Fanucci.

World rights in the first two titles in this series were acquired by Julie Crisp at Tor UK from agent John Jarrold. DRAKENFELD has just been published in the UK, and the sequel has been delivered.


“This is a grounded and realistic example of secondary world-building that works well as an intelligent locked-room mystery and also gives us a cerebral, multi-layered protagonist. Game of Thrones fans will find plenty to enjoy in the story’s sharply-played political skulduggery…”’s review said:

“The several evenings I spent reading it were so perfectly pleasant that I struggle to recall the last fantasy novel I felt such unabashed fondness for.”

Contact Jon Mitchell or John Jarrold for further information:

Jon Mitchell – e-mail: phone 020 7014 6151
John Jarrold – e-mail: phone: 01522 510544.

21st October 2013


World Fantasy Convention

For those of you going to World Fantasy Convention in Brighton in a few weeks, myself and Adam Nevill, courtesy of Tor UK, are throwing a joint book launch on Saturday November 2nd, between 4 and 5pm! If you’re at the convention, attendance is mandatory.



A little while ago I started up a Facebook page, but have decided that I can’t be bothered with it – I didn’t like its functionality, not to mention the way it would constantly try to get you to pay for advertising, and I ended up cross-posting loads to my normal profile anyway. So I’ll close it down pretty soon. Feel free to add me here; be prepared for even greater levels of nonsense.


Fantasy in the Court – London, 28th March, 6-9pm

A gathering of fantasy and science fiction authors on Thursday March 28th (that’s my birthday), 6-9pm. Pop along to Goldsboro Books in the wonderful Cecil Court, a book-buying paradise.

More details here, and the full line-up of authors include:

Luke Scull, Seth Patrick, Paul Cornell, Jeff Noon, John Gwynne, Francis Knight, Benedict Jacka, S L Grey, Sarah Pinborough, Stephen Deas, James Barclay, Ben Aaronovich, Mike Carey, Linda Carey. Louise Carey, David Wingrove, Chris Beckett and more.

There will most probably be wine. Don’t be shy.