Recent Whisky Reviews

You know the score by now – here are a few links of what I’ve been writing about on my other site. First up, the blends: Johnnie Walker Black Label (it’s very good) and Teacher’s Highland Cream (okay, for what it costs).

Then the single malts: a old Bruichladdich bottle that I bought on an online auction site (there are loads for whisky); and a treat to myself, the Dalmore King Alexander III. And finally, a single grain whisky from a closed distillery.


Confessions of a Mortician

It’s probably not the most merry thing to read at this time of year, but it’s a fascinating piece. Eric Puchner meets a sixth-generation funeral director, who would like to help everyone understand something uncomfortable: death.

I knew almost nothing about what happens to Americans after they’ve breathed their last. Astonishing, if you think about it: that a person could live half his life without coming face-to-face with the one thing that unites us all.

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