Allotment Updates

Squash etc
A proper afternoon of graft on the allotment at the weekend, which was much needed. Lots of weeding done, pulled out a sprawling mass of nasturtiums, and harvested a few bits and pieces. One sunflower stands a few inches taller than me at the moment. We also planted out leeks and celeriac for the winter.


Weekend Adventuring

Cresswell Crags
Rufford Abbey
Major Oak
There’s some surprisingly nice places in Nottinghamshire. The top photo is of the lake at the centre of Creswell Crags, which were inhabited around the time of the last ice age. We took a look at some cave art, which might have been better preserved had the Victorians not ‘excavated’ with dynamite. The second picture is of Rufford Abbey, part of the Dukeries. And of course, that gnarly old beast is Major Oak.


The Messenger

The Messenger“The Messenger” is a new Drakenfeld short story which is to be published in ebook format through the usual channels (Kindle, iTunes etc). It’s set a few years before the timeline of the first novel.

It can be read in isolation as a taster of the series, or to add depth if you’re already a fan of the book. In fact, the events of “The Messenger”, which concern the attempt on the life of a young prince, are referenced within the first novel – for those keen-eyed readers among you.

The story will be released some time in August. I’ll know more soon, and will update accordingly, but keep an eye out for it.


Allotment Updates

Squash and courgettes
Artichokes, sunflowers, fennel
A quick visit in the evening, to weed and water everything. Tomatoes are really doing well in the greenhouse. Everything else is busy growing. No pests or diseases right now, and we’ve discovered an apple tree just next to our patch that will drop some fruit over for us. A lovely time of year – if only we had more time to relax and enjoy it!