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Allotment Progress

Allot 1




I’ve not bored you all with allotment stuff for a while, but things are progressing nicely. It’s mainly weeding and harvesting at the moment – we’re almost at the end of the courgettes and onions, but the runner beans are still going, and the first wave of carrots are just waiting to be eaten. We’ve still got some potatoes waiting in the ground as well. The big patch near the greenhouse has been planted with overwintering seeds. I’ve also ordered some more onion sets for us to plant soon. I’ve got plans to make a more formal raspberry system as well, with posts and wires. Now we’ve got a good foundation, next year things can start to look a bit more professional…


Allotment Updates






Having been away for two weeks, there’s a huge amount to do on the allotment. Mainly weeding, as the weeds have pretty much taken over. We discovered several enormous marrows had erupted, along with almost a dozen patty pan squash. However, as you can see from the top photo, we’re now able to cook full meals with allotment produce, which is just great. The flavours are so intense compared to supermarket produce – and the food looks real, not freakishly symmetrical.

Having handed in the second Drakenfeld novel before I got married, I can actually enjoy the allotment now without feeling too guilty for being away from the computer.


Allotment Haul


Well, I say haul, but it’s only a few things. The first lettuce is ready, though we’ve several others that can be dug up soon. The first pattypan squash are ready. We’ve had plenty of courgettes, too, but they’ll be a regular occurrence throughout the summer. And some more carrot thinnings – not the main crop, but they’ll keep us going.


Allotment Update

Allotment 1
Only now am I happy about the state of the allotment. It’s been a lot of work to get it to this stage, and there’s plenty more to do, but if you hit the allotment tag and go back, you’ll see how much we’ve done. The family popped over yesterday, and my mother was a weeding ninja. This weekend: nets over the cabbages, carrots thinned out, lettuce and sprouts planted, beans fixed to the wigwams, and lots of other little jobs as well.


Allotment, 1st June

Bean supportsAllot2
Another day of expanding the beds, weeding and so forth. But at least progress is really obvious now. Potatoes are showing, the onions are doing well, and the dwarf beans are out from under the weird glass door, which doubled up as a cold frame. They also now have a little support. Anyway, it’s looking a lot better than the last update a couple of weeks ago.


Weekend Allotment Updates

A miserable, wet and cold day on the allotment. But we managed to plant a Victoria plum tree in a newly cleared area behind the shed. Once we get rid of the rest of the weeds – hence the black plastic sheets that you can see – burn down a lot of the branches and clippings we’ve piled up, we’ll aim to plant a few more trees and turn that area into something of a mini orchard, with wildflowers, grass and so on.

Lots of clipping, trimming, weeding and other bits done today, which probably can’t be seen on this photo, but have made the rest of the site look a lot neater. I’ve also dug in some organic manure into some of the beds, as the soil quality we inherited was incredibly poor. Another few weeks and the place will be looking half decent.


Allotment Progress

It was a full day on the allotment. A whole new shed roof has been installed – something I’m rather proud of – which means we now have a dry shed. Wigwams have been prepared for runner beans. Potatoes and onions are now in the ground. Dwarf beans have been moved to a make-shift cold frame – they’re too big to stay in pots, but it’s way too early for them to be planted out fully as we’re still getting frosts. A few more wooden borders acquired, but I still need pegs to firm them in the ground. One of our most productive days yet. Oh, and if you’re wondering – those eggs are from the chickens on the plot opposite ours. The big egg was produced by a hen called Thumper.


Allotment, 27th April

Compare the above to how it looked after day one:
old allot
You can really see the difference. It’s genuinely starting to look like a proper allotment now, and there’s plenty being planted too – from cabbages and beans, to carrots and… more beans. The greenhouse contains plenty of seedlings. It’s all go.


Allotment Progress, 20th April

Allot 1
Allot 2
Allot 3
Chippings down to create something of a path way. Borders improvised with branches or whatever wood could be found on the site, basically. Seeds in pots: courgettes and tomatoes. Seeds in the ground: red cabbages and carrots. Sweet peas along the bed on the right. We’ll have some climbing beans in next month and also start to plant some wildlife-friendly flowers for the summer. Only now is it all starting to take shape.