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China Miéville’s Monster

On the way back from the SFX Weekender, me, China and Julie (our editor) were chatting on the train about various things to do with the Craft and Art of writing fiction. Then China comes up with the challenge: he draws a monster of some sort, and I have to write it in to the fourth novel.

I wouldn’t be able to see it until he’s finished, nor would he give any clues as to what it could be. I’ve spent all of this novel so far writing with a lacuna, but as you can imagine, it’s reasonably difficult – not to mention fun – not having a clue what it was going to be.

Four months later, he sends in the above.

Amazing, isn’t it? The detail is beautiful. The caption (it didn’t scan in well) said: “In teratogenerative solidarity and admiration”.

The challenge continues, however: the skull and wasp parts are not of the same scale, which lends itself to an interesting narrative exploration. In fact, right now all sorts of options are springing to life (which is part of the challenge, of course). And this will, somehow, definitely feature in the fourth Red Sun novel.

Needs a name though. Suggestions welcome in the comments.