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Ecologist Q&A

After I reviewed the Dark Mountain Project’s latest collection of writings, I managed to send Paul Kingsnorth, one of the co-founders of the project, a few quick questions for the Ecologist. As I hoped, a few controversial points came out of it:

In my view, mainstream green activism is now overly technocratic, wilfully unrealistic in its aims, divorced from the everyday reality of most people’s lives and, increasingly, simply a faction of the consumer growth society it was supposed to reject. But Dark Mountain is not about ‘giving up’ or wallowing in doom or anything like that. Some people think it is, but they’re the ones who haven’t been paying attention. Dark Mountain is a process. First you give up on the unrealistic ambitions of both the mainstream growth narrative and the mainstream green narrative – creating a “sustainable” consumer democracy for nine billion people, stopping climate change, making capitalism nice and all the rest of the utopian stuff.

Read the rest. It’s already provoked some interesting debate.