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The Fracking Song

Well, they’ve missed about 500 toxic chemicals off the list, but I guess the heart of whoever did this is in the right place. However, if music is not your thing, could just watch the Gasland trailer instead. This is an incredible film, one of the best environmental movies I’ve seen:



There’s been a lot of talk about fracking in the news recently (especially the UK’s breathtaking lack of regulation).

The video above concerns the threat that fracking (injecting water laced with stacks of toxic chemicals at high-pressure to break up rock formations and release gas) poses to the Delaware River Basin, and neatly summarises the dangers: in this case, the water supply to over 15,000,000 people will be threatened by toxic pollution.

Just a cursory internet search for “fracking” and “pollution” reveals a huge number of recent incidents caused by this intensive industry – any report that claims there is no risk is simply lying. It’s mind-boggling that fracking is even on the table as an option. That is until you read about the multi-million-dollar influence of corporate lobbyists.