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Cockney Nutjob Rap

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuVumSjeOh0] Just because.
From the Mighty Boosh.

Pound your banana (two pound your pear)
Pound your banana (two pound your pear)
Pound your banana (two pound your pear)
Cor me shivers with your melons…oh yeah

I wish I could write this well.


Lethem on YouTube


If you excuse the nervousness of the guy introducing, this is pretty good. I didn’t know Lethem had a Philip K. Dick tattoo. Cool. But not as cool my Led Zeppelin one.


Fine Line

Another reason that DeLillo is the finest writer alive. I might do more of these.

They wrote for roughly twenty minutes and then each, in turn, read aloud what he or she had written. Sometimes it scared her, the first signs of halting response, the losses and failings, the grim prefigurings that issued now and then from a mind beginning to slide away from the adhesive friction that makes an individual possible.”

From Falling Man.

How he pin-points part of the human condition, and the fragility of the human spirit, in one little riff like this is something he does so well.


Miles & Libraries


Because it’s evening, and I’m in one of those moods. If you’ve never heard Kind of Blue, you’ve never relaxed. That’s a fact. Look at the drummer on this video, the very essence of cool, all suited with glances this way and that, on some other level to you and I.

And I posted this on the work blog, but should you be the sort to have a library fetish, look at this and tell me you didn’t get a kick.



I’m going through a phase where I love abandoned buildings. And there are a lot of them around. They’ve got some strange romance about them. A lost time. A building that says, ‘I was once great, and now look at me. I wasn’t always like this. I used to mean something.’ It’s pretty humbling. Your home or workplace could be next.

Have a look at these galleries.

One on Urban Exploration. I like the spirit of this, a concept in this age where we’ve explored everything, there’s another dimension to investigate. Asylums, hostels, hospitals—areas that once provided a service.

Abandoned factories.

Endangered machinery, as pointed to from Boing Boing.

Gunkajima, Japan.

Abandoned stations of the London Underground.

And finally, Ghost Town, a motorcycle diary through Chernobyl. Amazing how the Soviet era is semi-preserved, untouched after all these years.


I Don’t Care If It’s Commercial—He Can Play


And for real guitar geeks, the tuning is DGDGAD—traditional folk. It’s about time Folk made it again. Are we in 1969 yet?


Apple Geekery

Is it wrong to be into such geekery as this as reported here? And there’s this too. I mean, I was just as bad when the iPhone came out. Is it wrong to watch the keynote speech twice? Anyone who just uses PCs may as well look away. Ever since I turned to worship at the alter of Steve Jobs my life has been made so much easier.

I’m not convinced there isn’t something suggestive to all this. The curves. The design. The things it can do. The pleasure it gives.

If you had been reading this blog, I bet you stop after all that…

Currently reading The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Letham. Really very good.