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At what moment are you dead?

Randall Hayes delves into the scientific theories concerning the age-old questions of death and resurrection. Kind of runs on from the last post (just to add some further cheer at this time of year).


Hello World

In a close future, a private company developed a technology aimed at boosting our brain capacity. But it requires from its clients to store their memory data on one single server. In this highly controlled world, a young woman has the power to change things.

A short French language film (with English subtitles, which automatically makes it clever).


Gentrification ‘Without the Negative’

Nearly a quarter of the homes in the Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio are vacant. In 2011, an arts group moved into an abandoned factory in the area to create 400 West Rich Street, a community that now leases space to woodworkers, performance artists, a coffee shop, painters, sculptors, and others.

Hipsterisation is really a more accurate term, but it’s still nice to see.


The Diatomist

“Diatoms are single cell algae that create jewel-like glass shells around themselves. Microscopists of the Victorian era would arrange them into complex patterns, invisible to the naked eye but spectacular when viewed under magnification.The best of these arrangements are stunning technical feats that reveal the hidden grandeur of some of the smallest organisms on Earth.”

I remember studying diatoms at university. They’re pretty fascinating things, and the different types of diatoms taken from, say, lake sediment can give an indicator as to what was happening to the land over time. They’re also rather pretty.