A Thing I’d Do If I Had Too Much Money, No.1

Buy an Ent leaf.

Tolkien fans everywhere will soon be able to buy into a legend by subscribing to the public appeal to finance a sculpture celebrating the internationally acclaimed author and his Birmingham roots. From October 1st, courtesy of eBay, fans can bid for a metal leaf with a personalised dedication and associate themselves with this most famous of writers.

A mere snip at £500. No matter how much I like Tolkien, I think this is a bit too extravagant. Now if it was a real Ent, we could be talking business.

While I was on UKSF Book News, I see the British Fantasy Awards were announced. Nice to see a) a Pendragon novella winning b) Mark Chadbourn winning—a fine writer.

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  1. I agree, it’s too extravagant.

  2. Yeah. I imagine Mr Tolkien has one or two rich admirers that will snap these up…