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Two-book Deal With Tor UK / Macmillan

This is going out from my agent today:

John Jarrold has concluded a two-book World rights deal for new UK fantasy author Mark Charan Newton with Peter Lavery of Macmillan/Tor UK, for a good five-figure sum.The first book is titled NIGHTS OF VILLJAMUR, and will be published early in 2009. An impending Ice Age looms over all other events in the book, which include the death of an Emperor and his daughter’s return to claim the throne, a crime noir plot that involves the city’s Councillors in high-profile murders and a cocky womaniser who is acting as dance tutor to the new Empress’s sister…it will appeal to the readers of both George R R Martin and Scott Lynch. 

‘I’m delighted for Mark,’ said John Jarrold. ‘He was one of my first clients when I started up the agency back in 2004, and this is really the fulfilment of a great deal of thought and hard work on his part. And this is the first deal I’ve done with Peter Lavery, who I have known for twenty years – and who is one of the UK’s best and most respected editors in any form of publishing.’

Mark Charan Newton is 26 years old, and lives in Nottingham. He previously worked as an SF buyer in an Ottakar’s bookstore. 

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

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