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Springsteen Anthology Line-Up

I mentioned before about my inclusion in ut, but this great line up has been posted for Darkness on the Edge: Tales Inspired by the Songs of Bruce Springsteen. I’m apparently the finale…

I’m a big fan of the Boss. He’s second only to Dylan in intensity and depth of lyrics, but streets ahead in quality of composition, and consistency. In my opinion. I’m very proud of this, because it was quite a challenge to write a) something completely out of my comfort zone, b) based on a set of lyrics, and c) a short story, when I’m a broad-canvass sort of chap. I must thank Mr Darren Turpin, the web-artist formerly known as Ariel, for putting me in touch with Harrison Howe, the editor of the collection.

I’m in it for this anti-war song:


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