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Back from the Dales

I have returned form the Yorkshire Dales, and should hopefully have something interesting to say soon. I’ve been finishing my marathon re-read of The Book of the New Sun sequence, by Gene Wolfe, surely someone who deserves a mighty heavy and shiny medal for services to literature. No way I can review it, or have the inclination to go into the detail. Plus, I want to stay away from genre reviews if at all possibly on here. But it really is something that improves on re-reads, and considering my tendency to give up on things, there was sufficient metaphor, insight, and sheer incredibly imagery. A chocolate box for the genre connoisseur, surely. You want cracking reviews of these books? Go see Larry.

To reward myself for the patience, I’m heading towards Alfred Bester’s The Stars My Destination, which to my shame I haven’t yet read, and is a book I’ve been assured by many that will be a superbly sketched romp across the galaxy, in grand Dumasian style.

Finally, a congratulations to Mr Mark Chadbourn esq. for his new book deal with Transworld. He really is a thoroughly nice chap, and this is news of the ‘couldn’t happen to a nicer guy’ type.

By Mark Newton

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