Tintin “A Voracious Lover”

I knew it all along.

His sexuality was always a closely guarded secret that his creator Hergé sought to preserve. But a Spanish version of one of Tintin’s most famous tales, The Blue Lotus, has dared to suggest the intrepid Belgian reporter was a voracious lover.

Entitled The Pink Lotus, there are graphic sex scenes that would raise the eyebrows of parents with young children.

But its Spanish author, Antonio Altarriba, has paid the price: the book has been withdrawn from bookshops after pressure from Hergé’s estate, which controls the rights to the work of the Belgian writer Georges Remi. Hergé was the pen-name of Remi, who died in 1983.

Bet you won’t find much sexy time in the film, either. I’d say this was a childhood ruined, but the dude actually has earned a little more respect now, which probably says more about me really…

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.