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Proof Copies Arrive

After marching around the house preparing to curse the postman for every minute he was late, they arrived. Here, finally, are the proofs (advance reading copies) of Nights of Villjamur. (Thanks, Julie!)

It’s not quite the final product, but it will certainly do for me. This, incidentally, will be sent out to various reviewers, in the vague hope they will praise it immensely, and not rip it to shreds. It also acts very nicely as a paperweight, raised gaming terrain and fuel (in these harsh economic times), should the reviewer find the literary substance somewhat lacking, which I hope they don’t. And it’s also uncorrected, so I’m bound to have littered it with hundreds of brand new grammatical constructs. Marvel at how I push language boundaries unintentionally! It’s received the high-level structural edits, as well as the line edit, so it’s pretty polished, but the copy-edit has only recently taken place – which means that there will be the odd typo. The main thing is that reviewers can get their paws on it before the book hits the shelves in June.

The pictures aren’t great quality since they were rushed on my iPhone whilst trying to contain stupid sounds of glee. What I’m most struck by is how much the artwork looks like a photograph of a fantasy city if you’re casually glancing at it. I’d certainly recommend a visit there…

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

14 replies on “Proof Copies Arrive”

Ooh, shiny!

Can’t help but notice you’ve taken the photos in front of the Penguin classics rather than, say, something a bit more on-genre… πŸ˜‰

Looks like a meaty book, and I’ve gotta say it again, the cover looks great! πŸ™‚ I’ll make sure to ask Pan MacMillan (TOR’s dist. here in SA) to try and get me a copy! πŸ™‚

LOL @ – “brand new grammatical constructs.” Very much a Descriptive approach to linguistics there Mr Newton!

They look great. I can’t imagine what the buzz must be like to finally hold your work in your hands as a real printed book. I would be swinging from the lamp-posts.

Very much looking forward to venturing into Villjamur myself – off to Amazon to pre-order!

I like to take a speculative approach to linguistics, or at least that’s probably what my editor thinks. It really is a buzz – but typically for me I’m not worrying about what the reviewers will say!

And thanks so much for the pre-order – I really hope you enjoy it.

High-five for pissing off grammarians!

Um, well there’s no official US pub yet – although it’s available on import. The ARCs are on the way to American editors now, I think, so I have my fingers crossed that there will be some interest.

I really hope the proofreading for this one is better than it was for The Reef. Or were the errors deliberate? Was it intentional to jar us back out of the book at those points? If it was, I confess the logic of doing so is lost on me. But there were SO MANY.

I am really looking forwards to getting to grips with NoV in spite of that. The Reef was a very engaging read and I remember becoming increasingly concerned that it would not all be resolved by the last page, spinning us away into trilogy-land. Well done on forgoing that…

Hi Mike,

Yes, unfortunately because The Reef was published by a small press, there was a very low amount of editorial input and a lot of errors went into the final edition. NOV has received huge editorial input at several levels – from the structural to the fine detail, so there should be next to none!

Glad you enjoyed it though – but I can’t promise that the next one isn’t open-ended… Although I still like to make each of the novels as complete as possible.

Consider me reassured. I will definitely be getting a copy of this then.

And on the sequel issue, I don’t generally have a problem with serialised works except where the first mention of this is at the end of what you then realise was Part One. I like my expectations to be managed…

Oh, and the tag at the top right of NoVs cover was clue enough, thanks. πŸ˜‰

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