Diabetes Sufferers & Access To Blood Testing Strips

K asked if I could blog this for a bit more awareness on the issue of diabetes sufferers, and access to blood testing strips.

…in many parts of the UK people are being deprived of home blood glucose testing equipment and supplies because of postcode prescribing, blanket bans or restrictions imposed by Primary Care Organisations (PCOs) or through clinicians’ inadequate knowledge of diabetes or the individual patient’s needs.

Diabetes UK believes that people with diabetes should have access to home blood glucose monitoring based on individual clinical need and not on their, or the NHS’s ability to pay. It is counter productive the try and save the NHS money in this way. There are considerable cost savings to be made from supporting self management, by reducing the frequency of support needed from the NHS and preventing people with diabetes from needing hospital treatment either with diabetes emergencies or long term complications.

Restrictions on the type and numbers of testing strips is unacceptable as this does not meet individual needs and circumstances. National guidelines and frameworks set the standards of care that people with diabetes should expect and prioritise information, education, training and support to enable people to manage their diabetes themselves.

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By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.