Nights of Villjamur: The Playlist

A stack of tunes I deemed to be the soundtrack to Nights of Villjamur. Song, then artist/band. Some irony involved. Pretty soon I’ll work out how to get this on iTunes.

Ghouls — We Are Scientists
Long Live the Queen — Frank Turner
Title And Registration — Death Cab for Cutie
Everything In Its Right Place — Radiohead
Casey’s Song — City and Colour
Alina’s Place — Fredrik
Round Here — Counting Crows
32 Flavors — Ani DiFranco
Flamenco Sketches — Miles Davis
Against All Odds — The Postal Service
John Wayne Gacy Jr. — Sufjan Stevens
We Flood Empty Lakes — Yndi Halda
Giving Up The Ghost — DJ Shadow
The Limit To Your Love — Feist
I Love The Rain The Most — Joe Purdy
Archive It Everywhere — Youthmovies
Just Watch The Fireworks — Jimmy Eat World
Silver Stallion — Cat Power
Queremos Paz — Gotan Project
Mojo Pin — Jeff Buckley
Take Five — Dave Brubeck
Mayonaise — Smashing Pumpkins
Pardon Me (Acoustic) — Incubus
This Could Be Anywhere In The World — Alexisonfire
Journey — Nitin Sawhney
Sleeping In — The Postal Service
I Might Be Wrong — Radiohead
Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car — Iron & Wine
Dusk and Summer — Dashboard Confessional
Can’t Have It All — Jay Brannan
Ballad Of A Thin Man — Bob Dylan
Pink Moon — Nick Drake
How Soon Is Now — The Smiths
We Are All Very Worried About You — Fun Lovin’ Criminals
Over — Portishead
New Born — Muse
Can’t Stand Me Now — The Libertines
Pot Kettle Black — Wilco
Sure Shot — Beastie Boys
Morning Theft — Jeff Buckley
Midnight Lullaby — Tom Waits
Use Somebody — Kings Of Leon
Rock the Casbah — The Clash
Twice — Little Dragon
Hunted By a Freak — Mogwai
Shampoo Suicide — Broken Social Scene
Nantes — Beirut
Watch The World Cave In — The New Amsterdams
Orange Sky — Alexi Murdoch
45 Forever — The All New Adventures Of Us
The Thrill Is Gone — Chet Baker
New York City Serenade — Bruce Springsteen
Open Heart Zoo — Martin Grech
A Certain Romance — Arctic Monkeys
Hold On — Tom Waits
The Girl — City And Colour
Beautiful Day — Donavon Frankenreiter
Since I’ve Been Loving You — Led Zeppelin
I’m Old Fashioned — John Coltrane
Made Up Love Song #43 — Guillemots
Everything You Need — Adem
Scenic World — Beirut
Insomnia — Electric President
On — Bloc Party
Mr. Brightside — The Killers
Icky Thump — White Stripes
Diesel Power — The Prodigy
Hearts Burst Into Fire — Bullet for My Valentine
Konstantine — Something Corporate
Couches In Alleys (feat. Ben Gibbard) — Styrofoam

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  1. I love ‘Pink Moon’! Nick Drake’s great.

  2. Isn’t he! I’ve spent a good chunk of the last ten years obsessing about his music and trying to play it.

  3. Hey, Mark, good to know! I just wanted you to know I received my ARC from Pan MacMillan – and now I will have a playlist to listen to while I read it! 🙂

  4. Hey Fábio – glad it got to you – I hope you enjoy it, and the soundtrack!

  5. Dude… You like Alexisonfire?
    I may be in guy-love…
    Got your book on my desk, awaiting review for my local magazine. I think you just trumped the China Mieville forwho gets opened first…

  6. Ha! Yeah, although these days I think I’m mellowing to Dallas Green’s solo stuff…

    Trumping China – that’s what he gets for liking Drum ‘n Bass… 🙂

  7. Drum and Bass?
    I just died a little inside. 🙁

  8. Helluva playlist, Mark. Lots of great stuff there!

  9. Hello!
    Even though I’m kind of late for the party (I just walked over here from some literature review site), I thought I’d point you to SeeqPod.com for your playlist. It finds music on the internet and lets you create and embed playlists. It’s what I use on my site when I want to point people to music – or used to until they decided to change to autoplay (but I think there’s an option to that, if you use their widget, or you can simply link to the URL they give you).

    Looking forward to reading your book! =)

  10. Hi zimstern, thanks for the tip. I’ll head there properly to have a play around. On first glance, I’m guessing it’s somewhere I’ll lose a few hours…